Sunday, December 11, 2011

usurpress v. bombs of hades[2011][split]


frank zito said...

here's a nice split featuring some up and comers from sweden. let's focus on the usurpress side at this time, friends. usurpress pays an homage to old death metal with d-beat drumming, but they definitely add their own wrinkle to keep the sound interesting. i wouldn't have even heard of the band had the not been mentioned as someone's favorite musical discovery of 2011, so i was happy to stumble upon this record. usurpress will be releasing an lp, entitled trenches of the netherworld, in june 2012 so be on the lookout for that.

Steffe said...

We (Usurpress) also have the "Tales of Possessors 7" and "In Permanent Twilight 12" out, these records together with the split with Bombs are available from Doomentia ( in Czech and Plague Island ( in Sweden. And probably some other distros as well.

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