Tuesday, November 8, 2011

necroven-perpetual scorn[2011][promo]


frank zito said...

necroven is a rather new one-piece (for now) from spain. while imitating the sound of european bands from the nineties is par for the course in death metal these days, jonathan reina (the face of necroven) has opted to draw influence from the US sound of ancient death.necroven's first demo, titled perpetual scorn, is due for release in the coming months by spain's filthy cave records. necroven was kind enough to send me two high quality advance tracks as a preview of whats to come. you can stream the rest of the demo at necroven's bandcamp page. in addition to playing all of the instruments on this demo, jonathan handled recording duties and also took care of the album artwork. following the demo release, momento mori records will release a full length, most likely during the second half of 2012.

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