Monday, October 31, 2011

midnight mass-unhallowed eve mmxi [2011][comp]


frank zito said...

inspired by my main man from portugal, †HAXAN† (of forever cursed infamy), the midnight mass brings you a ghoulish treat this halloween...the rituals listed below should help you get into the spirit...

01 negative plane-a church in ruin
02 bastard priest-ghouls of the endless night
03 autopsy-robbing the grave
04 dead congregation-graves of the archangels
05 funebrarum-grave reaper
06 mystifier-beelzeebubth
07 funeral-forgotten abominations
08 craven idol-desolate tomb of the trinity
09 mortuary drape-obsessed by necromancy
10 repugnant-from beyond the grave
11 drawn and quartered-nightghoul of the graveyards
12 asphyx-initiation into the ossuary

†HAXAN† said...


Mari said...

Great playlist! Thanks a lot for this and for the other awesome posts ... \\m//

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